You think you're the only oneYou think you’re the only one that questions your path. If you made the right career choice. Picked the right partner. If you’re saving enough to even retire someday. Let me tell you, you’re not alone. Our brains are loaded with these questions along with the “what if’s”, and “I should haves”.

That 3lb brain of yours does some crazy and amazing things throughout the day. Most of them are in auto pilot. We have somewhere between 12,000-60,000 thought per day and 80 percent of them are horrible and most likely never coming true. Then there is the 95 percent are the same repetitive ones we have been having for days and even years. If this is true, it is no wonder we continue to live the same life day after day. Thoughts are just thoughts until we take action. Action is what makes things move. Action first takes the awareness from self to say “hey, I do this, it doesn’t get me what I want or need. How do I change? What needs to be different? What action or steps can I make to get me closer to what I want?” but being aware it only the first step. You then have to take that awareness and do the work. That means, you need to spend the energy it takes to make change. Because we live in auto pilot most of the time, that takes very little energy. That’s why we stay there. I don’t even have to think about my next move, it just happens. I wake up, grab my cell, go get coffee, turn on the tv. Just like everyone else out there. Each morning we step back on that hamster wheel wanting something else, but we lace those shoes and get on any way.

This is where when we truly decide that we need something to change. We start messing with the patters of our lives. Just 1 pattern shift will throw a wrench in your day, creating a new path of exploration. We are born to be explorers. Born to create things. While still questioning “what is my purpose, why are we here, what’s the point?” These deeply ingrained voices asking us these questions are ways to keep us growing and creating lives that bring us so much satisfaction and joy. The problem is that we are trained at such a young age to stay in line, do not talk, do as your told. WELL, HELLO, no wonder we are lost and can’t get off the wheel. We are traveling down someone else’s road and guilted to stay on the wheel.

Can you imagine, deciding your fate? Taking control of how your life plays out. Going against what family, friends and the norms do. It takes a lot of strength and energy to make that shift. Not to mention you need the support to help you through it.

Light touch dwellings is creating communities that help people and families start living the lives that they dream of. Creating new ways to live in homes without the traditional home buying process. Allowing the flexibility to change your mind without guilt or pressure. While still building equity that can follow you around.

When we are 18 and school pressure us to decide what we want to do for the rest of our lives. That’s so unfair. How the hell do we know. Why would anyone feel that doing the same thing for the rest of their life would be a good thing? Where is the growth or flexibility in that? I’m not saying that everyone is going to feel this way. I just feel that its about time that we give a little support to those that like the change, the flexibity to try something new.

I listen to young adults talk about the pressure that is put on them about what they want, in regards to college and beyond high school. For most of their life, they have been doing all the listening, not the talking nor exploring, give them a break. No real heart to heart conversations are given about passions, their real gifts and talents. None of these schools has a clue on the real impact these young adults could make in the world if we would just let them talk, take test and support their thoughts. We can not keep mainstreaming people like cattle and expect them to be creative and happy. When people can express and create, they allow them self to be mentally and emotional free. This space opens up billions of amazing possibilities, not just for them but for all of us.

I hear the 22–27-year-old adults say, I got this degree and I hate it. Every day I want to quit. That’s the awareness. Take action. If you don’t, this is what your life looks like. Married, 2 kids, big house you can’t afford, can’t keep up with maintence, nor have time. Can’t go on vacation because you can’t afford the lifestyle or able to take the time off. Options 1# stay hating your job and get this life. 2# take control and start over. Yes, you can. It may suck, like pulling off a band aid. It will be better than getting on that wheel every day you hate.

Even people up into their 60’s will say, I’m all done doing things I don’t want to do. I have finally decided to clear the plate and only do things that bring me joy. People, listen up, they are in there 60’s. it took them 60 years to speak up and get off that wheel.

When we are living the life that we want, everything falls into place. In order to get there, you have to take action. Think, dream and talk about it, but the most important step, take action.

So, when you think that you’re the only one that wonders if you’re making the right choice, we all wondering. Just be different and do something about it.

Start supporting the way you want to live.