What is LifeStyle Equity?

Elderly woman smiling and wearing a raincoat and bucket hat while holding gardening tools

LifeStyle Equity was started at Light Touch Dwellings as a way to help create a portfolio around a balanced and sustainable life. Our portfolio looks at Financial health, WellBeing, Dwellings and Sustainability. Most of us just look at the financial aspect of retirement. We all know what a Financial Portfolio is and many of us use it. We can create them ourselves or hire professionals to make sure that we are establishing funds according to how and when we want to retire. We listen to what financial advisors tell us we need. This is a huge piece of the puzzle but its not the only piece in the game. You see or know of people that retire and are miserable. How can that be? Some of us spend our lives waiting for that moment when we don’t have to go into work. For someone to not tell us what to do. Freedom to choose what our days look like. Unfortunately, these people did little planning around what it actually takes to retire and be happy.  Yes, we need money to make sure that we can live the lifestyle that we have been living or continue to live out our last days here on Earth. Many people leave legacies for family, friends or charitable organizations. That is a prime example of how people can set up sustainability around financing. It allows your money to work for you well after your finish working and after you die.

WellBeing, Dwellings and Sustainability all have the same properties as the Financial Portfolio. They each have their own factors to consider. When you take the time to create a LifeStyle Equity Portfolio, you can set yourself up in the right house, in the right location, doing the things you love with the people that bring you the most joy. That my friend, is a happy retirement.

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