WellBeing is a complex state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy in mind, body and spirit.  There is so much hype out there around being happy and how to achieve it. Many say, “Life is a journey, it’s all about the ride and not the destination”. While this may be true, we often spend our days planning for big milestones, like marriage, kids, vacations, and retirement, and saying we will be happy “when” something happens. Sadly, we often miss the peaceful moments of contentment between.

Light Touch Dwellings recognizes that there is more to life than milestones. Every day we can feel like we have enough, and we are enough. Fear, anxiety, and depression keep us stuck on paths that do not often feel good.  We may feel as though we are the only one that has ever felt this way. That there is no way out of this mess. How do we start over?

Light touch Dwellings is here to illuminate the path forward for each of us and help align personal objectives with a plan towards achieving those goals, while providing support throughout the process. LTD is a community of like-minded people to provide the support you need and deserve while you build “LifeStyle Equity”.