Laptops and documentsPeople never find it strange when big corporations restructure, yet we question and judge ourselves in our personal lives if we should or shouldn’t take a 2-week trip to France or change our career. Can you imagine if you saw on Facebook your best friend post “Pleased to announce that Mary Jo and I are moving to Portugal. I know this may come as a shock to most because to the outside world we hold our shit together. The truth is life has become way harder than it should be so we have restructured our life goals and feel this is necessary for us to grow as a family and as a couple. We have weighed the risks and feel this move is critical to our health, wellbeing, and financial goals. Thank you for all the support you have given us over the years and hope that will continue. That being said, we have no further comments at this time because we are busy moving on and leaving drama behind. We sure hope that you too can take the time and find your path, as life is way too short.”

If you were a corporation, this is just part of business. A plan to make sure it is successful. We spend way more time worrying about how our business succeeds or fails over our own personal lives being successful and meaningful.

We have been merging families, personal finances/expenses, ending relationships, and dealing with grief for years without any real structure or detailed plans in place. If we approached all these delicate subjects with as much detail as corporations did, do you feel that better relationships, situations, and goals would be achieved? Hell YES, I say.

Emotions play such a huge role in why and how we make decisions. I feel that we need some emotions, but facts backed by patterns are huge. This universe loves patterns and loves to stay in them. Like a hamster in a wheel. Have you ever watched a hamster on a wheel? They get going so fast. What motivates them to do that? I think they get on it and before they know it, they are ahead of themselves. They don’t know any better. They just keep going, even if they are tired. Then they stop and look around like, “did anyone else just see what I was doing?” Yeah, well, that’s us. On the hamster wheel. Going around and around with no plan in place, stopping occasionally to see who is watching.

I don’t want to keep repeating the same day that gives me the same results that don’t work. I think in just about every area of life, we wait for things to change on their own. Hoping that something shifts to make things easier. Then, another day goes by and we still complain. Mostly to the wrong person, or worse just venting on social media. Gosh people, do something about your life if you’re unhappy.

Step back and look at it like a big corporation does. I am so fortunate that I sat on a Credit Union Board that allowed me to see a process that I was unaware of. That I feel most people are unaware of. That sitting together as a group, strategically planning what the market ahead looks like and how we position ourselves to be prime in the market. This process makes real change happen. I took this approach and started applying it to my business. I saw such amazing results that I thought, “why wouldn’t I do this with my personal life?” Emotions got in the way at first. I needed someone to help me push through that. I was met with triggers that held me back. Once I dealt with those, I was able to leave the raw emotions out for a second. Write the facts and data down and make the adjustments to move forward.

Here is what that the general public doesn’t know and should. These are some of the questions that corporations, big businesses, and yes even Royalty have done to protect and ensure succession.

  1. Identify the key factors that will influence your plan. Good and Bad.You need to anticipate them into the plan, so if and when they arise you have already thought of how to navigate around them or use them to your advantage to succeed.
  2. Tie your short and long term goals together to organize your overall strategic plan.Your overall strategic plan tells the story of where you are going. A road map. If you jump off the trail you have set in place you are more likely to not get to your destination. If you are doing this with a partner, keep each other accountable for all the steps. Do not veer off.
  3. Shape your plans into action stepsA plan by itself is useless. It needs to be set into concrete action plans, with measurable goals, specified timelines, and people accountable for taking various actions. Your plan needs to be continuously monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis, and adjusted for unexpected events in order to achieve the plan. Mark it on your calendar like a corporation sets monthly meetings. Make sure you’re still balanced. Have a discussion about changes that came up that need to be modified. Have good communication with your partner and be accountable for the plan going forward.
  4. Tell people your plan.People that voice their plan out loud are more likely to achieve them. Ego has a huge part to do with that. Be proud of the plans you make. They may go against what society, family, and friends think you should do but do it anyway. It boils down to finding security in knowing yourself. Trust the path that you choose, no matter the employment, body, resources, family, health or property that you have. Voice it and then do it. Not for them, but for you.

Stop living in survival mode. You made it past that. Start looking further out. Start with just what you would like next year to look like. Map it out. Take action. Then look five years out. Map it out. Take action. Then 10 years out. Map it out. Take action. That’s linking small trips together for a long journey.

Treat your life like a corporation. Invest your thoughts and details into a real plan. Invest in your personal life. Get support from businesses that align with your goals and help you achieve them.

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Just get off that wheel you have been on. Map out where you want to go and start that journey.

Wandering Freely,

Happy Dweller