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We are all bombarded with advertising, social pressure, and our own internal compass that tells us that we need to be more “Sustainable”. There are millions of sites out there that give tips on how to save, conserve, and reuse for just about everything. Plus, the buzz word “Carbon Footprint” is everywhere. Do you really know what that means for you? Do you understand the impact it makes to be living Carbon Neutral?

People will not rise to the level that is really needed just because somewhere deep down they know it’s the right thing to do. For most, you will have to hit their wallet for them to understand, but even then, they still will pay more for the same product but at least someone on the other end is making the impact necessary for change to happen.

For example, grocery stores are charging 5 cents for each bag you carry your groceries out in. Some don’t care about the 5 cents/bag. Others will hate that they are being charged but still pay it. Hopefully more people will stop and remember their reusable bags, not because of the 5 cents but because they know it helps the environment. Where do you stand?

This is just one out of many, many ways companies are trying to offset the carbon footprint. Governments in many nations pass laws and regulations of how much carbon they use in the manufacturing process. To offset those prices, they could pass it to consumers to pay, exchange in point systems or pay fines to keep going. Eventually, they will be shut down or have to comply.

There is no escaping what inevitably will become standard practice when it comes to energy consumption. There is a price that has to be paid for the resources that we consume and continue to consume. We just have been assuming that these resources go on and on without some sort of consequence. The best way to correct the damage is first to stop the bleeding. Then take actions towards healing the planet. Untimely, find more efficient, self-sustaining ways to create and use energy.

You may be saying, “Duh, aren’t we doing that?”

Most are aware of the philosophy, goals, and outcome of sustainability. I would say this is ground level awareness. This is where we know that as a whole, we waste so much and need to take action to reduce that amount. We strip land of resources, which not only contributes to depletion but causes pollution in its process. Our goals would be that we find ways to REDUCE, REUSE, AND RECYCLE. That is what we have been doing for a while but I feel like we have hit a plateau. The outcome is that there would be less overall waste that we put into landfills, pollution in the air, lakes, streams, and oceans.

Next level awareness is a Sustainability program which is the process, objectives, and measurements that keep us on track. If we start looking at the process by which these resources are obtained, collected and distributed, we can then change, tweak, and maybe prevent further damage. We accomplish that by measurements. Being aware of the actual hard facts, along with strict guidelines to control usage.

Going beyond the program would be Performance Management. This is where we set benchmarks, take serious action for maximum results. We need to adapt to evolving priorities, conditions and the many changing circumstances that surround this world. Making organizations, companies and countries accountable for their part is the first step. Holding higher standards around transparency has a trickle-down effect. Bottom line is that when the big dogs have to do better, they train the smaller dogs to do the same. That’s where we see the real results.

We have been doing good by slowing down the waste. We are getting on track to becoming more sustainable. We need to be jumping into Performance Management to find new ways to create, sustain and repair for a big impact on our planet and our wallets.

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