Sustainability is achieved when day-to-day action is maintained at a level that does not deplete the underlying required sources.  By conserving our internal or external resources, we can continue to enjoy the world we create.  LTD guides us towards a lifestyle that best aligns with our individual living expense, wellbeing and dwelling goals and to live the life we choose in the most sustainable and authentic way. 

Efficiency is the state of internal and external systems running at optimal performance for energy and cost savings. This process allows us to stretch our resources further and live with quality control and measurable savings. LTD can light a path showing where there is room for improvement across all areas of our lives. By looking these various aspects, LTD guides us towards opportunities to save money, time, energy and effort to achieve optimal personal efficiency.

Sustainability and Efficiency are the dynamic duo! They both represent critical opportunities for real conservation that Light Touch Dwellings delivers through each of us, as well as for our planet and the Universe.  If we collectively align with sustainability and efficiency, we can have a huge impact not only on our world but also in our personal lives as we build “Lifestyle Equity”.