Welcome to the Happy Dweller Podcast. We created this space to put a voice to our mission and help guide you forward by sharing our knowledge and experience in short, thought-provoking episodes. We want you to feel like we are having a conversation with you, like old friends on a porch. Our passion is guiding people towards goals that create LifeStyle Equity. We hope you become inspired to make changes that better your life and learn to free your voice to live a life that is more aligned with you, the environment, social and wellbeing.

The art of down sizing

When physical, financial and mobility stress becomes overwhelming, down sizing might be the next move for you. LTD can guide you towards the next steps. Let go and let LTD help.

When life derails

When something in your life derails, how quick are you to get back on track? You can be the train wreck or be the conductor. Your choice. There will be some stops along the way, some planned, some not. Those unplanned stops can be moments to refuel, add new passengers or get rid of a […]

It all starts at home

Take a deeper look into yourself to plan ahead. Your future has so much potential if you just plan, not for perfection but for direction. Knowing the facts reduces stress and allows you to make choices. Start with small steps at home.

Location, location, location

Location is key when trying to balancing work and play. Pick homes in areas that allow you to be the person you are. Conserve the amount of energy you spend on housing expenses so you can have lots more energy to have a life.

When is a house enough

If you understand what the true meaning of a house is, than you can save yourself a lot of financial, emotional and social stress. Know what enough is for you, no matter what others say. Live in homes that allow you to create a LifeStyle that speaks to whom you are, When you can reach […]

Be the Captain of your life boat

Taking control of how you live is key to living an authentic life. Take control of where, how and why we live. Be responsible for your own journey. Don’t let others steer your ship.

Set those goals!

We all state that there are goals and changes that we would like to make. Some people take steps towards them, others it’s wishful thinking and pipe dreams. I have set simple steps to help you get closer to those goals. These 9 mins could change your life.

LifeStyle Equity

Kate with Light Touch Dwellings briefly describes what LifeStyle Equity is, how to start and why its so important in balancing LifeStyle and our homes.