Welcome to the Happy Dweller Podcast. We created this space to put a voice to our mission and help guide you forward by sharing our knowledge and experience in short, thought-provoking episodes. We want you to feel like we are having a conversation with you, like old friends on a porch. Our passion is guiding people towards goals that create LifeStyle Equity. We hope you become inspired to make changes that better your life and learn to free your voice to live a life that is more aligned with you, the environment, social and wellbeing.

You are not the only one

We think that we are the only ones that struggle with choices. We just keep it under our breath. Take control of your thoughts and patterns and see your life play out the way you want.

Breaking free of a fantasy world

Fantasy worlds are created to detach us from reality. Sometimes a way to cope with stress. Take time to figure out if you are living in one. Take control of your dreams and make them come true.

All the worlds a stage

Are you the main character in your life or letting someone else tell you your lines?

Are houses a good investment, Data Drivers

3rd part to the series. Do you know what your Risk Assessments is in order to make the right choice for an investment. It’s a key step in the right direction.

Are houses a good investment, Getting to NO

Asking yourself the right questions helps you figure out IF this home is a good investment. Take the time, put in the effort to make educated choices towards all investments.

The Restructure Plan

Corporations restructure all the time and we think nothing of it. Try using this same structure to make change in your life. A trip is a lot smoother if you have looked and planned ahead, gave yourself some room for miscalculations and much needed fun.

Sustainable Management

Going beyond REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. We need to rise above what is entry level awareness to sustainability.  We need to understand how to level up and do our part. Set benchmarks, take real action and see massive results on our planet and in our wallets.

So you want to buy a house

Learn the steps to buying a house plus then ask yourself the right questions that help you align a home with a LifeStyle.

Transform my life please

Have you ever woken up and just thought “I wish I could just start over”? I bet you have one time or another. Does it seem like your life is in a time loop? Probably because it is. We continue the same patterns, same routines, every day. Even if they are not ideal. Three major […]