When is a House Enough?

A small, efficient home on a hill with a front porch and solar panels

Home, abode, crib, pad and place are all words to describe a place I land when I need protection, shelter and where all heads meet to surrender to the day.

It could be owned by you or others. You could be there 5 months or 30 years. This place starts and ends most of your days. This is where 50% of your earned income goes. While you only spend 50-60% on the property, unless you work from home. More than likely your dwelling keeps you bound to family roots and or professions. Settling down and saving money is what we are taught. Staying in homes until the mortgage is paid off are what banks and society tells us to do.

We all were brought up knowing what homeownership means. How it makes us feel, what it cost, the effort it takes. But do we really? What is enough?

Dwellings don’t have to be habits and/or behaviors that are handed down. There are times that buying makes a lot of sense. As well as selling. There are lots of different options out there that may make more sense when you have a different perspective of HOW you actually want to live.

WHEN IS A HOUSE ENOUGH????? The basic need for housing is, I have a home that keeps me dry and protected from harm. Material things, emotions and society tells us that we need these things and life will be better. Better from what? How we are perceived? Because when I look around my house, I see everything that I have had to work so hard for, to what, make me happier?? That saying “less is more” is pretty spot on.

The home its self was enough, the moment you bought it. Stop filling them with things and expecting them to live up to a dream society thinks we should have.

Most of us get very emotionally attached to our homes. I feel like we should love our homes. Enjoy them, live fully in them but not hold on so tightly that when they don’t work for us any longer, we can let go of sentimental reasons and move on.

We attach so much emotion onto everything we buy. That attachment is started the moment the salesman first shows it off. That’s the fear setting in. Showing you something that you can’t possibly live without. Let’s start proving to ourselves that we can love deeply, honor our values and the planet. Prove we are enough, as well as the house we live in. Spend less money and spend more time loving life sustainably and efficiently.

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