Intro to Light Touch Dwellings

A person back to the camera walking through a rich green forest with a child on their shoulders

Light Touch Dwellings was created as a guide to help people find balance with their finances, wellbeing and dwelling. Typically, people will concentrate on one of the areas but don’t look at the whole picture and that isn’t actually how life really works. All these areas tie into each other. For each one of these topics, if we were to ask ourselves “Does this align with what I want?” you can be sure that you will see the connection and how only looking at one area won’t get you to the sweet spot of balance.

Secondly, Sustainability and Efficiency are the dynamic duo! They both represent critical opportunities for real conservation that Light Touch Dwellings delivers through each of us, as well as for our planet and the Universe. If we collectively align with sustainability and efficiency, we can have a huge impact not only on our world but also in our personal lives as we build “LifeStyle Equity”.

Each week we will explore and light a path towards the freedom you are craving.