Home, abode, crib, pad, cottage, place, flat and base are all words to describe a place we land when we need shelter and protection, and where all heads meet to surrender to the day.

It could be owned by you or by others. We may be there for days, months or years and it’s where we usually start and end most of our days. Typically, about 50% of all earned income goes to support a home. But unless someone works from home, we usually spend only about 50% of our time there. More often than not dwellings keep us unwittingly bound to family roots, familiar locations or work.

Settle down and save some money is what we have been taught – right? Most of us were brought up understanding what it takes to have a home; how it makes us feel, what it costs, the effort it takes to maintain – but do we really know?

Dwellings do not have to be habits or behaviors that are handed down. There are times in our lives that buying a home makes a lot of sense. There are also times when selling a home is the best option. There are various options that may make even more sense when we have a different perspective of HOW we actually want to live in our dwellings. Light Touch Dwellings helps find the answers of what really works for each of us and provides the guidance and tools to accomplish our goals and cultivate the life we want.

At the end of the day, LTD guides us to land at a place, that we know with confidence, is the right dwelling, at the right price, in the right location supporting sustainability and building “LifeStyle Equity”.