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First, I want to stress that I am not a financial advisor. I simply ask the questions you need to find the answers to and suggest you seek professional advice for questions that come up. 

Are houses a good investment? That’s a loaded question. It will depend on who you are asking. Anyone in the Real Estate and financial world would likely say yes. It always boils down to money with them. If you ask a family member or friend they may say yes or no depending on their good or bad experiences. If you go online, plenty of sites will have a PROS vs. CONS list, most with the same general information. But nothing that really gives you the facts, but how could it? It’s a hard question to answer yes or no to because it depends on a lot of factors. Factors that you should be asking and figuring out. If you can narrow down what you’re looking for this property to achieve, you then will have a better understanding of what makes a good investment.

Let’s start with what makes a good investment. That too is a huge question. Am I looking for a financial investment or an investment in my lifestyle?  If I’m looking for good financial investments, I’m looking for safety, predictable outcome, earnings and payouts, easy to buy or sell and something undervalued. If I’m looking for a LifeStyle investment, I’m looking for reciprocity, reliability, trustworthiness, value and when it no longer serves me, I can let it go. Can you see the big difference? That’s why you should figure out the purpose, then you can use the right tools to help you decide if this is a good investment.

Getting to Financial YES. Ask these questions. Does this property have positive passive rental income? Are there tax advantages? Do I have the time and/or resources to maintain this property to keep or elevate the property value? Will this community/city/country support the purpose of the property? Am I paying a fair amount for the property? IF financed, am I getting the best interest rate? Will I continue to keep this after 4 years? I understand the actual budget, maintenance schedule and hidden cost that could arise while I own this property? If financially this property turns south, can I let it go?

If you can answer yes to all or most of those questions, then YES, this is a good investment. 

Getting to Lifestyle YES. Ask these questions. Is this property in the location that I love? Does the size and style work for what I’m looking for? Does this property allow me to have freedom? Does this property allow lots of financial room so I can enjoy the lifestyle I want? Can I rely on this property to hold value? Can I trust that this property will be easy to maintain and easy to fix if problems arise? Can I let this property go if it no longer fits the lifestyle I want?

IF you can answer yes to all or most of those questions, then YES, this is a good investment.

The key to any good investment is getting what you want out of it and then knowing when to let it go, if ever. Knowing what you’re looking for, asking the questions, setting goals and safeguards to protect yourself and your investments. Knowing what your signs to move on are, even before buying the property, will set you up for success. You will know that while you were in a neutral state of mind, you decided this would be the time I get out. Then make the plan to move on. Invest in the next new thing with the same rules. 

Whether you are buying this property for financial gains or Lifestyle gains, consider this property and asset. It’s a means to give you something back. It isn’t meant to resemble who you are on the inside, give you status, or fix all the areas of your life. It’s a tool to grow potential wealth or a lifestyle that brings you pleasure. Take the time to figure out which one you are trying to pursue and go for it.

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Let go of yesterday, step into now, and look forward to a very bright future.

Wandering Freely,

Happy Dweller