Our Calling

Light Touch Dwellings (LTD) empowers people to align their life and home to create a sustainable experience for a fuller life through education, services and resources to help achieve balance and happiness.

LTD provides a platform that enables users to understand their goals and objectives related to creating a more manageable life across all key drivers. These drivers include their location, housing, cost of living, WellBeing and environmental impact.

LTD recognizes that today’s societal pressures and lifestyle demands create certain expectations and priorities that often do not align with the vision we have for our own lives. We share a common desire to live an experiential life that we curate for ourselves. Our team has deep experience in real estate, technology, wellness, and sustainability and is committed to guide others in finding their own unique path.

The Problems:

#1 Too many homes are bought with a long list of to dos. Many home owners struggle to know how these systems work within our homes or even how they impact the efficiency and sustainability.

#2 Too many people buy homes that are just the wrong size with no way easy way to add or decrease in size as life changes. Some stay trapped and house bound to the wrong home.

#3 Too many people are more concerned how society views their choice of living.

The Solution:

#1 Assessing what your needs are to help establish a living style that works efficiency and sustainably.

#2 Assessing what homes make sense for now as well as later.

#3 Push aside what others think of your LifeStyle choices. Where, what and why matters only to you.

Our Process:

We recognize that there is a connection between Mind, Body, and Soul. Balancing them is one key to happiness or contentment. Millions ask this question every day, but how do we get there? It starts with one of the biggest purchases you make – your home. We want to get to know you and your needs. We want a house that is smart, efficient, and fits our LifeStyle. We want to help balance your life so that you can enjoy your home with less financial strain and more freedom.

What We Offer:

Take the assessment to see where your balance is.

Take our DIY classes to get educated and build know how (coming soon).

Check out the Happy Dweller podcast to get even more information on this and many other topics.

Become a member and have an open conversation with us to create a LifeStyle Equity plan that works for you and your goals.

Pick a Dwelling and stay the course for freedom, contentment, and happiness.

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