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Home, reimagined

With Light Touch Dwellings,

HOME, LIVING EXPENSE and WELLBEING align to create total LifeStyle Equity.

Our platform empowers you with knowledge, solutions, products & resources to design your optimal living experience.

Discover new ways to DEFINE, SAVE & EXPLORE your vision of an authentic life!

Build Personal “LifeStyle Equity”

Light Touch Dwellings empowers you to align the life you desire with how you experience it.

We enable our community to define their personal LifeStyle values – across environmental, social and living expense factors – to transform their home and living circumstances to nurture these personal goals and objectives. LTD provides a unique suite of assessments, resources, services, and products designed to support your journey… naturally wander home.

Build “LifeStyle Equity” while taking action to enhance your life and preserve our planet. Take our assessment today to receive custom results that set you up for success.

A woman and a child gardening together and smiling
A happy family looking at their home's solar panels

Care for What Matters Most

One thing that is changing dramatically is the environment. A key component of this change is driven by how we each live, shop, and consume goods and commodities, all of which have a significant impact on global climate change. Individual decisions about sustainability and efficiency can collectively contribute to a positive shift in the current direction. This leads us to not only a healthier planet, but equally as important, a more authentic, aligned and experiential life for all of us!

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